Friday, May 29, 2009

New Focus!

For those folks who have been following my blog as it focused on technology in my classroom, you are going to notice a big shift in focus on my blog. Ever since I started in metronet 2 years ago, I have always wanted to start a blog where I could talk about all of the cool stuff that Sarah and I do. Now, since metronet is over, it is time to make it a reality! So thanks to all those who have read my blog in the past! I hope you continue to read as I begin posting about ALL THINGS POP CULTURE! 


Mrs. Flom said...

I'll become a reader. Why wouldn't I want to know your thoughts on everything. By the way, we got your invites and LOVED everything about them - especially the relaxed "feel" of the whole event. My husband even commented that this is wedding that might actually be FUN!

Karen said...