Friday, March 20, 2009

I am Back!! Thing 20 is crazy! I apologize for my absence from the blog-o-sphere!

So Thing 20 - all about Twitter! 
I decided to take another look at my twitter because it has been getting a ton of air time lately! Ellen has a twitter and she talk about it almost daily! I re-watched the video at common craft and found it a nice refresher about twitter. I am going to give it a try again! I subscribed to some of the leading twitter education sites (from tech for teachers a while back) and Ellen's of course! I used How to twitter in 23 steps or less as my guide to get set up with some good teachers....and to download an application to make twitter easier to follow on my computer. If you twitter, you can follow my twitter name is misterrother (keep in mind it is blocked by websense so you will need the password)!!

Maybe this time I will find it more engaging? Who knows...I will keep you posted!


Mr.Rother said...

Ok...seriously! I am a little addicted already! I downloaded tweetdeck which really makes twitter more user friendly and organized. And I have already connected with a teacher in Boston who also teacher a debate unit! Sweet!!

Karen said...

So is calling someone a twit no longer derogatory?!? Thanks for the links -- I added them to the wiki!