Sunday, January 25, 2009


Since we talked about copyright so much this past metronet meeting, I thought some of you would enjoy this story. For those that didn't know or haven't seen it...I have had a video of a bunch of my buddies and I from college on youtube. Students found it and it has made its way around most of the teachers in my school. However, my friend who posted it just got a message from youtube that the video was taken off: 

Your video, The Darkness "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" Music Video < com/watch? v=QLXSC_gD2k4> , may have content that is owned or licensed by WMG

No action is required on your part. 

- The YouTube Team 

I guess he should be lucky that they aren't seeking any money for the copyright infringement. I guess my students will have to look elsewhere for it in the future (I think it is still up on! 


Lindgren's Blog said...

Infringement or not, the video is still a Rother classic! Definately worth checking out if you haven't seen it yet.

Karen said...

Talk about timing. Thanks for becoming a real, live illustration of copyright conflicts! You're such a good sport :)

AnnWS said...

OK, that's just a scary video!! :-) Just how do they find these infringements--is it soeone's job to watch millions of YouTube videos and id the songs? Some algorithm that searches a million or so WMG titles? How?