Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thing 6 Yeah Online Collaboration Tools!!

I love online collaboration tools. Anything that makes my life easier is a wonderful thing. For personal stuff, I have several google docs going so that all parties can edit whenever. In the wedding planning process, metronet-nerdy Sarah and I are using google docs to keep things like registry list, budget, and guest list in one central location. It has been really helpful!!!!!

I have also just began an attempt to use google docs with core team stuff. By creating a google doc, the entire group can work on these documents that we were struggling to update the old way (via email attachments.) I love the Common Craft video "Google Docs in Plain English." It helped me visual how it all works. 


Ms. Burnett said...

I tried to make a google doc to use with my team. It didn't work, so I would be curious to see how your core team one works out. I think it is a great idea, but I am not sure about the logistics.

Show said...


An instant live collaboration used to quickly show documents to friends and colleagues.
It allows co-browsing on any document, user uploads a document and invites friends to view it with him live
All the participants in the session see each others' drawing, highlights, etc.

Karen said...

A former MILI participant used Google Docs to create the list of invitees for her daughter's wedding -- she, too, said it made things a lot easier with one family in MN and another in CA. I love that you are finding ways to have these tools make your WHOLE life easier!

Piotrowski's Blog said...

Now I am wondering if I should have used Googledocs rather than a Wiki? What do you think?