Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exciting News and New Blog

Well, I had a very exciting weekend folks and I thought some of you might want to hear about it! Sarah and I got engaged on Friday and you can read all about it on our Wedding 2.0 Blog. We are both huge MetroNet fans and Sarah thought of the idea to use a blog to keep all our family and friends up to date about wedding plans. We might be the first MetroNet marriage!! LOL!


Karen said...

Um, I think it is very safe to say that you are the first MILI marriage! :) I commented on your wedding blog -- thanks for sharing your story. What a beautiful night! I'm just bummed that I've been negligent in checking my Reader and that I didn't know for three days!

Ann WS said...

Congratulations! This is great news--and answers an enduring question:-)

12 purple roses said...

i don't know you but congrats if you're going to prms i'll see you next year but if you're still teaching ninth grade then i'll see you at cms (chan) unless you're going to chaska. btw i love language arts and i really do have good grammar but it takes too long to type that way. anyway, i'll stop annoying you sith my stupid seventh grade comments!!!