Monday, November 17, 2008

Thing 23 - Teacher Web Page

I like my teacher web pages. I keep two different websites, one for my ninth grade classes and one for the speech team. Both websites need at least weekly updating and I try really hard to stay up to date on them. 

I know that the speech website is frequently used. Especially for students who are more prone to forget where they put a paper they need to have turned in or for those students who cannot remember what time they need to be at a tournament...the speech website is perfect. I also use it as a recruiting piece and a place to put results from tournaments. The speech website has some excellent examples of 2.0 tools that I have found out about via metronet like bighugelabs (the large collage on the front page.)

As for my teacher page, I keep the assignment portion up to date, trying to post as many actual documents as possible for students who are absent or who forget their worksheets at school. I also try to put pictures and videos from class as much as possible. I just posted an animoto video of pictures from our masquerade party!

I think that only a select group of kids uses my class website, but I am okay with that. Unfortunately, those students without Internet at home (I have 3 total based on my start-of-the-school-year-survey) are at a disadvantage. I look forward to the day where ALL students will have some form of Internet access at home...could someone please make that happen??


Lindgren's Blog said...

I'm always wondering about ways to get more students and parents to look at my web page. I know many of us put lots of time in to keeping up to date calendars and other good links there, but I often sense that students who need to check it the most, just don't do it. Any suggestions?

Connie said...

I just checked out your Speech Team webpage--WOW! That's a huge amount of set-up, but it will be a great place for anyone to access for Team News. Your Animotos are always great.

Shawn--I wondered if having current pictures of students on a web page would increase use?

Karen said...

I'm not sure if this is possible, or you may already do it . . . but how about having a computer available during conferences where you can show parents the site and then have a slip of paper with the URL to give them (or something like that). It seems like most parents like to know where to get information like assignments when their kids just grunt, "I don't know."

Karen said...

o.k., I mostly commented on a comment last time when I meant to also tell Travis how great his websites are! I think using BigHugeLabs and Animoto does add that extra "something" plus you have relevant and important content. Great examples -- I hope everyone looks at them.