Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wikipedia - David Warlick

Today, when I was going through my RSS feeder, I stumbled across something on Free Technology For Teachers again! Boy do I love that blog! If you haven't added it to your RSS feed yet...what are you waiting for.

A post this morning highlighted a presentation done by David Warlick. I was interested in the name because it seemed so familiar. I took Mr. Byrne's advice from the blog and watched it from about 46 minutes in to hear the section on wikipedia. But I was really digging what David had to say so I watched most of the video. He has some really great ideas. 

Not everyone has an hour of their time to watch David speak like I do (mostly because I am avoiding the pile of papers on my desk) but you can have it playing the background while you work on something else. If you can't watch the whole hour...watch the wikipedia piece at about 46 minutes in...it is definitely thought provoking!


Lindgren's Blog said...

I love Free Technology 4 Teachers too. It's been one of the most useful things I've gotten out of Metronet so far! I would agree with Trav, add this to your RSS reader immediately if you haven't already done it. There are tons of great leads no matter the subject you teach.

Connie said...

Didn't David Warlick give a presentation on students' use of/dependence on technology at our District's Kick-Off a couple of years ago? Or was it someone else?

Wikipedia is a great resource, but it's still not a scholarly resource to use for citing(and may never make it there--it doesn't have to! We like it for everyday use!)