Monday, September 8, 2008

Blogger Update

After hearing that blogger was blocked at the high school, I did a little research into what is going on. Blogger is not blocked here at PRFC but a choice was made to block it at the high school by the technology staff. We have not had issues here that you have had at the high school!?!?!? I just know that it is not a district websense block. I would talk to Jason and convince him to unblock it for its educational uses.

I am not a technology coordinator obviously, but sometimes I think we are too quick to block things from students use. I think a better way to go about it would be to teach students about responsible uses for these tools and to supervise them when they are on the computer more. probably is just easier to block blogger...but blogger is not going to be blocked when they leave CHS...and the more we can teach kids how to use it effectively and safely the better!

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Jeanne LaMoore said...

Amen! It's a wonderful educational tool, and we should treat misuse of it the way we would handle any other discipline issue. Why let a few yahoos ruin it for everyone?