Monday, September 8, 2008

Thing 4 - Online Productivity Tools!!

I am a little obsessed with online productivity tools! I love my iGoogle page the most. I like iGoogle because I see it every time I go to try and google something (which is very often.)

I also love because I work on several computers throughout the day and I always know that I always have access to my bookmarks.

In the past I have used google calendars quite a bit, but I have since used it less because I feel like the outlook calendar is better for school events (since so many of our meetings are set up in this manner.) Last year I figured out how to link my outlook calendar to automatically update my google calendar. However, my machine was cloned and I haven't had time to re-do that program. For me...opening my web-email is just as easy.

I also experimented with Remember the Milk last year and found that outlook task lists worked better FOR ME.

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Jeanne LaMoore said...

I share your calendar issues . . . I love Outlook, but can't access it anywhere the way I can Google calendar. I can export my Google calendar to my Palm, but I have some issues there, too. Still looking for a "perfect" system.