Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thing 18: What are students talking about?

It is really hard to keep up with all of the technology that students are talking about these days, but I have heard a few things being talked about regularly.

YouTube seems to be the big trend still. I have a ton of students (young men especially) that spend a lot of time making and posting videos on YouTube. They are constantly working there creativity to make the next spoof or comedy sequence.

I have also heard the word video mash being thrown around. I am not sure if that is the technical term for it, but it sort of reminds me of the Disney plagiarism video we watched last meeting. I thing the basic idea is that you take two different video or sound choices and mesh them together. Here is a youtube example of one of my favorite songs paired with a classic: Every Car You Chase.

I asked some kids for their opinions and I got a wide variety of answers. Students said that they get sick of PowerPoint's all of the time (this might be because I have spent the last two days dynamically using PowerPoint to teach some very boring subjects.) They said they would love to have the opportunity to make movies or videos for class more often. I would love to incorporate this more in class but there is such a divide among students and resources and I would hate to make that divide bigger. I would love to hear about how people have used video in their classes.

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Ms. Burnett said...

I totally agree about the video piece. I would love to try it, but resources are a HUGE challenge. Some kids could easily finish such a project at home. Others could attempt to work on it at school, but there is not enough time.

Next year I want to attempt having my kids make a movie with movie maker. This year I had them make a powerpoint about Egypt, but like you pointed out those can be over done. SO, I thought a 3 minute movie would be an interesting challenge. I would only do still images for this with a voice-over.