Sunday, March 30, 2008

UPDATE: google docs I have been a very naughty blogger recently! I just had a heavy load this past quarter...but things should lighten up slightly in the coming weeks.

I did want to make one comment about the usefulness of Google docs. The Saturday after we had our last MetroNet meeting, I was in the tabulation room for a speech tournament in Mankato. One of our computers went down (the lab was not very well maintained) and we could only get the excel spreadsheet with the scores on it to open and we could not get it to do anything else. We tried transferring it to another computer via flash drive and that didn't work either.

However, I was able to copy the information into a Google app and then sort it and print it. I have no idea what caused the bug in excel, but the important thing was keeping the tournament on time. It worked and I made a lot of coaches from other districts firm believers in go ogle docs!!


Jeanne said...

That is great! I bet you were the hero of the tab room. When do you have section competition? Honestly, I find that I don't miss coaching speech at all. I judged at the SSP tourney (for Jordan) and it was kind of fun, but not something I'm eager to jump back into. Yeah for Google docs - I'm finding them very handy, too.

Karen said...

Great story! Glad it helped.