Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thingy Six - That Darn Calculator

Well, I am finally to the point where my kids are about to do some serious research. until the end of the year is all about research! SO...I have begun to use the Research Calculator. I love it! I am modeling the informative speech steps right off of the calculator. I have gone to the resource section and I am beginning to use some of them for narrowing a topic and finding a research question. I did notice some usage errors on the I definitely recommend checking them over before you print them for students...I hate when students catch errors that I missed :)

In the past, students have struggled with the early stages of research because the strength of their topics have not been great. I hope this year to come out of the gates flying by spending some time up front preparing them more.

I look forward to using the calculator more to help with the gathering stages of the speech!!!!

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Karen said...

I'll forward your comments to the Calculator's creators . . . feel free to send them comments from the site, too -- they want feedback!

So glad to hear that it is helping!