Friday, January 11, 2008

Thing 9: WHAT!? United Streaming!

I remember briefly hearing about United Streaming at a staff meeting last year, but it was on a conference night and my mind was on other things! Now actually digging through it a bit, I found some really cool stuff. I typically show youtube videos a few times a month to emphasize a point I am making or to give examples (I often use commercials during public speaking to teach some of the parts of a good speech.) However, these videos seem excellently put together.

It seems that there are not as many Language Arts videos as science and history, but there are some gems I might use!!

I embedded one of the videos about video productions into a powerpoint I show my video production class I teach next year! It will be nice to have some real examples of video angles to show.

I also found a cool grammar series (cartoon) with some cool grammar mini lessons! I might use those next year when I need to emphasize a certain grammatical rule!


Jeanne said...

You teach a video production class?!?! How cool is that! What software do you use? I would love to see some of your students' work.

Connie said...

Between you and Heather, this is a good prompt the we need to give United Streaming more exposure!

I also tried adding it to a powerpoint and I was able to so easily! Let's demo this at our next staff meeting.

gradenineLAteacher said...

We exclusively use iMovie! I love it! This is only my 2nd year teaching is (Chuck Nelson used to teach it) and it has been fun to take it over!