Friday, January 4, 2008

Thing 11 cont. - Google Alerts...gotta love it! I wrote a ton yesterday, but I wanted to comment on one more google function! I set up a google alert and got my first email today and it is so cool. I set up a google alert to send my info about broadway (in preparation for the theater class I teach) and I got some news stories just in the last 24 hours about broadway theater. The nice part is, it sends it to you in one email and you can preview the stories before you go read them. I am sure I won't be able to spend 45 minutes every day reading the stories...but it was absolutely wonderful today!!!!

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Karen said...

What a great example of a productivity tool! Even though you spent 45 minutes reading the articles, you didn't have to spend another chunk of time find current, relevant articles. Similar to the RSS feeds on databases which we'll learn more about in February.