Monday, January 14, 2008

Thing 4: Minneapolis Central Library!!

I am well on my way to using the public library, but I still don't have a usable library card to prove!! You may have already read Sarah's blog about our journey to the Minneapolis Public Library, so I will second many of the things she discussed!

When we first walked in (besides having to pay for parking...which bummed me out) I was immediately on sensory overload! In general, the library is just a cool space! It was exciting to just watch the elevators go up and down (as they go up and down, different biography titles appear!) When it came time to look through library stacks...I thoroughly enjoyed pressing the buttons and making them move (and it wouldn't even let Sarah move the stacks and crush me!!!!)

I was super impressed by the diversity of people using the library! It is cool to see different people enjoying it!

In my class, I have been working hard to get students out to the public libraries! Next year, I am definitely going to have all of my kids get a library card at the beginning of the year.

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msreighard said...

Your funny, a LA teacher without a library card. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip.