Monday, July 27, 2009

The Science Museum of Minnesota - Titanic

Sarah and I had one of our final "hot" dates tonight as a non-married couple! We have been trying to get to the Titanic Exhibit at the Science Center all summer, but got so busy. So today, we decided to just go for it! I won't talk about it too much, but I have a few comments!

- First...the science museum is amazing in the evening on a weekday! It was so quiet, we pretty much had free reign over all of the exhibits. It was definitely the only time I have been there when you could actually take your time and move about the exhibits. I would not hesitate to go again in the evening...the museum is open until 10pm!
- The Titanic exhibit is pretty cool. Sarah and I enjoyed it very much. We both got audio tours which I enjoyed also. I would check it out if you get a chance!

- Titanica Omni Theater Movie is not as good as I was hoping for! Neither Sarah or I learned much from the movie that we didn't already know (except that J.P. Morgan had a suite reserved for him on the Titanic, but he cancelled at the last minute...oops...I just spoiled it for you). In all honesty, skip the cost of the omni theater ticket, pay the $5 for the audio tour, and when you are all done...go home and watch the Hollywood Titanic movie! Titanica focused a lot on a slow serious of pictures of underwater parts of the sunken ship. However, they don't reference what the items half the time Sarah and I couldn't figure out what they were showing. I prefer the Hollywood movie where it shifts from the underwater parts to the computer imaging of what the ship looked like!

Overall, Sarah and I sure did enjoy our 'hot' date!!

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