Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thing 20 - What!? Podcasting?

I would consider myself pretty tech savvy and I just this past summer conquered pod casts for personal enjoyment. However, I have never attempted making my own podcast because it seemed to complicated to me. However, the way we were presented with seems so easy. I think I am going to even try more of this next year. I like how easy G-cast is, but I cannot figure out a great way to archive the pod casts. It would be nice to archive old casts on the blog because then students could access older information (for those who get behind...not that that ever happens!!) So I might even try using a different program to make them!? Who knows is all about finding the time :) or making it a priority!

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T.Rother said...

Wow, you're Travis Rother as well? I guess that means we share names. I did a google search of "Travis Rother" and your blog appeared! I wouldn't consider Travis Rother a common name, and I honestly did not expect there to be someone who shares it with me! Awesome!

My dad is from Minneapolis, so I suppose there could be some relative that we share in that area.