Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thing 13 and Thing 14

As my students are beginning to start research on their persuasive speech, I am trying to emphasize again the importance of reliable resources. Last quarter, Connie came in and shared information with my students about our subscription databases and about some ways to see if a website is reliable. As my students turned in their source cards (which had an analysis of the source's credibility) I was shocked to see how many of the things Connie talked about written in . So if they picked up on that...I think I will do even more this quarter!

For this speech, I encourage my students to play around on the subscription database Opposing Viewpoints before they choose a topic. I think it presents some unique material in a very helpful way!

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Connie said...

Travis! Let's do even more collaborating next year on a variety of information literacy topics! Keep a list going of where you think the students are deficit in their skills and I'll work something up to cover it!