Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thing 17 - another new thing

I have really had a blast learning a new program. It is called Coffee Cup Form Builder and it is available at I had to learn the program to develop a registration tool for speech, but have found it incredible useful. I also designed a form for "I Love to Read Month" in collaboration with Connie (our media specialist.) You can see it at

The results of the survey get sent to email and then they are using the results to make powerpoint slides.

Surveymonkey is also a place to do this, but I have found that most of the surveys I do would have more than 10 questions (there limit if you don't want to pay.) Plus, this option is much more customizable! If you want me to make you one...I charge $80 an hour!!! Just Kidding!!

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Connie said...

Hey Everybody--aren't I lucky to be working with Travis?? He's worth every bit of the $80/hr.

His Coffee Cup survey is amazing and it's much more fun than the paper form I was going to hand out!!