Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thing 10 Plagiarism

Okay, so for those that didn't notice, I made a little joke yesterday! hahahaha! So funny! I copied Burnett's entire blog about plagiarism. You should have known that it wasn't mine by how well written it was!! :)

So what are my thoughts on plagiarism and copyright?
I am pretty familiar with copyright issues (earning myself an 18/21 on the first quiz) because I teach studio video and I encounter issues of copyright with them all of the time. However, I would not say that I am an expert in any way! I used to have Sharon do the copyright talk for my students and plan to hopefully have Connie do it this year!

As for Plagiarism, it is a constant battle!!!! Earlier this year, I got to experiment with and I ran a set of my students papers through the site. It was interesting because before we wrote the paper, I told them I was going to be doing it and explained what it does. I got a huge moan from some students. I couldn't believe that they thought plagiarism was okay as long as they don't get caught!! I run into the issue of copy and pasting like Ms. Reighard too!

I would love to hear tips people have for plagiarism. I plan to spend more time on it this year before the first research-based speech. I think we will do some work on paraphrasing and we will continue to look at note-taking and source evaluation.

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Connie said...

I hope we can work as a district-united front to give the students a clear message.