Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 1: The Read/Write Web

What I learned in this Chapter:

The first chapter of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Otehr Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms was a great reminder about all of the opportunities that are out there for educators, but it also left me feeling overwhelmed. There are so many opportunities, that it is hard to know which route to go and how to be the most successful.

My greatest take-away from the chapter is the idea that we have to be learners of the read/write web before we can teach it. I have only begun to skim the surface of all the ways in which the read/write web could effect my life...and make my life easier! I read a lot of content on the internet about theater and Broadway. I enjoy it! I have made some attempts (on this blog and on our blog from New York) to begin to be a creator of content, but it is time consuming and I forget to to it.

Application for the Classroom:

It is important to use the read/write web for your own use before you challenge students to use it in a different way. Students are really good at doing what they know (teachers are too for that matter). It is important to push them and TEACH them how to do new things...outside their comfort zone.

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