Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

Google is in the process of taking over the world...beware!! 

Sarah tipped me off to this yesterday, but Google has launched a web browser (like internet explorer.) I have only been using it since last night, but it has some sweet new features. It also seems to be pretty quick. It isn't perfect (some facebook links wouldn't open for me) but it is pretty slick and fast! If you click here you will go to the site where you can download and learn about it. I especially love the feature that lets you easily make desktop links to online programs (works great for the new gradebook and subbing request system.) 

Thanks for the tip Sarah!

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Chris said...

I love all things google, so I started using Chrome on the first day too. I really like it, but there are a few things that it can't do for some reason. Maybe I just haven't taken the time to download the plugins and stuff, but java stuff doesn't seem to work too well on it.
I do like how the separate tabs are actually separate programs, so you can do cool stuff with them. (Cool to me, at least.) Like drag them from one window to another, or drop them into their own new window.
And when one crashes, it doesn't bring down the others. Which brings me to the best part...
I had a tab crash. It displayed a message that said...totally honest here..."Aw snap. Your page crashed." I laughed out loud for quite a while.