Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thing 2 - RSS and Blogging Fun!!

I will briefly talk about blogging...okay those of you who read my blog last year know that I never do anything briefly!! hehehe!

I used blogging last year as a way to have my kids do a lot of writing!! I loved it and am doing a lot this year to make it easier on myself and the kids. I have a ton of ideas about blogging and would love to chat with people about it since I have gone through it with my students and know some of the problems that arise. Also, I have some assignment sheets and set up tools that I used to make the beginning go smoothly!

As for RSS...what can I say...I love RSS! The key thing for me, last year, was when I figured out that you could add google reader to your iGoogle page. Then every time to go to google you see your reader. We all use google often so it streamlines everything big time! Why go to an additional site if you don't have to? Also, I love the edutopia rss feed and have signed up for a vocab work of the day.


Brienne's Metronet said...

Travis, What is igoogle?

Mrs. Harvieux said...

I'd love copies of your blog assignments.

Jeanne LaMoore said...

When you say that Reader is on your iGoogle page, do you mean that it automatically shows up? I suppose I just need to add a gadget? You are so cool!