Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thing 21 - You Tube and More

Well, I use You Tube a ton during Oral Communication to show different clips of speaking and media. However, I have found it a little challenging of late. With you tube being blocked, we were given a password so we could still use the material...however, I have learned that building videos into a powerpoint (how I have always done it in the past) does not work well because the password times out. I wish there was a better way. Just last week I made a powerpoint to demonstrate the different types of special occasion speeches. I found some cool examples (like Daniel Day Lewis's S.A.G. acceptance speech from this year) on You Tube and built them into my powerpoint. However, it was a hassle ALL day to make it work!

I looked on teachertube and did not find much I would use. I like youtube because of its relevancy and how I can easily find up-to-date content. I also took a look at YahooTeachers and it seems like it could be cool when it is released.

My technology coordinator mentioned he just learned a way to easily make you tube videos into movies that can be played without the internet. This might be viable for me?

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