Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thing 4 - The Public Library Mafia

OK Seriously! I have not been able to check anything out at a public library since grade school! AHHHHHHHH!! And why is that!?!? Because I have $80 in late fees from books that my family lost when I was in elementary school (I will try to place the blame on them.) I have been to the library in Apple Valley to read. Not only that...in high school we would often sing at the public library during the holidays and the speech team always went to read stories to kids once a month.

I know I need to get over it, but I have been stubborn about forking over that dough to the library mafia! I use Barnes and Noble as if it were a library (which is much more expensive than just paying the $80 late fee.) So my goal for winter break is to get my butt to the library, pay my late fee, and get over it.

However, I always encourage my students to use the library and I tote its resources quite often! I am doing a independent novel unit right now (in place of Martian Chronicles...because I have a hard time finding relevancy for the kids) and I created a search tool that had students using their lexile scores in the lexile.com database, and then following links to our media center and the public libraries to find the book that lexile.com recommended for them. I think it is making kids aware of the resources out there. I think the assignment could be easily adapted to many grade levels...so if you would like it, drop me an email and I will send it (I am all about sharing!!)

Wish me luck on my public library journey!!


Karen said...

Great idea with helping kids find books!

Please, please tell us that the library had "forgiven" your fine after all that time. Argg, I've heard this from so many people lately -- people not using the library because of fines. Librarians need to come up with a solution to this obstacle!

Jeanne said...

Luck! (Wishing you some.) The public library system often offers "amnesty" during the month of September. . . Or you could get a library card in another county. Carver County never nags me if I owe money in Scott County. (But I don't usually let my fines get over a few bucks, which I pay because it was my own darn fault the stuff was late.) Let us know how your adventure goes!

Connie said...

I thought of you when I read the article "How One Overdue Book Can Hurt A Credit Record" http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/26/nyregion/26debate.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

I don't believe that a library fine is a credit debt, but evidently some people do.

I agree with the other comments that it's too bad it's made you avoid that library. I'd like to hear how it goes...I would hope that you can talk to an understanding librarian and offer to begin paying off the debt to show your responsibility. However, please let them know that as a teacher you're promoting the public library...maybe that's their version of community service and it would count 100% toward restitution.