Wednesday, December 5, 2007

RSS rocks my face off!!

I had heard about RSS a while ago, but I have never really ventured into its realm! It always seemed too complicated.

Well I was way wrong! I really like how RSS can make life a lot easier! Instead of going to a whole bunch of websites to get my information, I can go to one common site and get it all handed to me! How great!! I will definitely be putting one on my classroom website with a word of the day. I also want to develop a parent's page on my web page and I think there are some great tools for parents that come in RSS format. On my blog, I have posted an RSS feed from my favorite education website: I love this website because it has CONTROVERSIAL ideas but every once in a while it has a nugget of light that gets me thinking and really changes how I think about education. Now, it is posted right on my blog (thanks to RSS!) I love it!

ps...I love The Common Craft show at! I am going to use them next year to introduce blogger and I am going to have a class I am subbing for (for a week) make their own videos using iMovie and cameras.

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Jeanne said...

I agree with you on the reader - I'm using Google Reader and at a quick glance, I can see which sites have updated content. Quick & easy! You sound like a master technology integrater!